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Welcome to the official website Nakayoshi Young Professionals. Nakayoshi is a group for young adults and recent college graduates in the San Francisco Bay Area looking for opportunities to network, volunteer and get involved in the Japanese American and Asian Pacific American community, and to have fun at the same time! You don’t need to be Japanese to join – everyone is welcome!

We know you’re busy, so we do our best to provide as many opportunities as we can for you to connect and get involved! Becoming a member of Nakayoshi is free and easy, just RSVP and show up for out events when you can make it!

We feature:

1 Social event every month

– Meet and connect with new friends, catch up with old ones, while participating in a fun activity planned by the Nakayoshi Core Committee!

1 Volunteer event every month

– Get involved with different Japantown, Japanese American and Asian American community organizations by assisting directly at community events and programs! Give back and support your community! Build good karma!

1 Planning meeting every month

– Help Nakayoshi’s Core Committee plan out future social and volunteer events! Gain experience and develop organizational and leadership skills!

Nakayoshi MiniMeetups Networking Program

– Social program that places you in a group of 4 different Nakayoshi members for casual networking and fun! More info here!


Come out, meet some great folks, and connect and get involved with your community!

Nakayoshi is an official program of the Northern California-Western Nevada-Pacific District of the Japanese American Citizens League. Check out the rest of our site to learn more about us, what we’re up to, and how to get involved!

Recent News


Welcome BBQ 2014

It’s been a busy autumn out in the community! We’ve had a lot of fun so far with our Game Night social, tended the bar at the JCCCNC’s annual Tabemasho fundraiser, supported Kimochi, Inc. seniors in SF Japantown at their annual Sansei Live! party, spooked children in the haunted hallway at the JCCCNC’s annual Halloween Carnival! Lot’s of great fun to come in the next couple months, including Nakayoshi heading to San Jose to check out the Japanese American Museum of San Jose and hang out in San Pedro Square at night, as well as volunteering at the 1 year anniversary of the MIS Historic Learning Center in SF Presidio. Don’t forget, volunteering at the SF JACL’s annual spaghetti crab feed and our annual holiday party are coming up too! Check the events page for more information!

Upcoming Events – Save these dates!:

11/5/14: Nakayoshi Social at Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) and Night at San Pedro Square
1/15/14: Nakayoshi Volunteering at 1 Year Anniversary of MIS Historic Learning Center in SF Presidio
1/23/14: Nakayoshi November Monthly Meeting
12/6/14: Nakayoshi Volunteering at SF JACL Spaghetti Crab Feed
12/13/14: Nakayoshi Annual Holiday Party
1/7/15: Nakayoshi Social – Golden State Warriors Asian Heritage Night Game vs. Indiana Pacers
1/10/15 (Tentative): Nakayoshi Volunteer – Oshogatsu (New Year’s) Festival at JCCCNC
1/23/15: Nakayoshi Social – Ice Skating
1/25/15: Nakayoshi January Monthly Meeting
Weekend of 2/6-2/8: Nakayoshi Annual Tahoe Trip
2/12/15: Nakayoshi Social – Game Night
2/22/15 (Tentative): Nakayoshi Volunteering at Bay Area Day of Remembrance
2/22/15: Nakayoshi February Monthly Meeting
Ongoing: Monthly Nakayoshi MiniMeetup Groups (more info below)


What is Nakayoshi MiniMeetups?

Nakayoshi MiniMeetups is our new monthly program for people looking to meet and get to know other members of Nakayoshi better in a casual and fun setting that is flexible for everyone’s schedules. MiniMeetups places you in a different small group of 4 Nakayoshi members every month. It’s up to your group to decide when and where to meet, and what fun activity you guys will be doing!

How Does It Work?

1. Fill out our one-time online signup form with your contact information and preferred meeting location.

2. Every month, we’ll put you into a group of 4 Nakayoshi members to form your monthly Nakayoshi Mini-Meetup group and send you an e-mail with your other group members’ contact information.

3. At that point, it’s up to your Nakayoshi Mini-Meetup group to contact each other to decide when and where to meet, and what fun activity you guys will be doing! It can be as simple as grabbing a bite and hanging out, cooking a group dinner, going to a movie, or whatever else your group decides to do. It’s completely up to you guys!

4. We’ll continue assigning new groups of 4 every month as new Nakayoshi Mini-Meetup group members sign up to participate.

Signups are starting this month! We will be starting our first round of MiniMeetups in February!

Click here to sign up for Nakayoshi MiniMeetups!

Have questions? E-mail us at nakayoshi[dot]ncwnp[at]gmail[dot]com

Nakayoshi at 2008 Meet and Greet BBQ

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Social Event: 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
February 9, 2015

Nakayoshi is joining the San Francisco Japanese American Citizen’s League and going to see the comedy group 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors.  The Mighty Mountain Warriors have 20 years of sketch comedy experience and are back on tour. Key Details: Where: […]

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