Some like it hot or it can be a dish best served cold, Nakayoshi served up hot udon and cold somen during this year’s Nihonmachi Street Fair in San Francisco, Japantown. This was our food booth debut and judging by the response, it may not be the last. Nakayoshi is no stranger to food preparation. We annually volunteer at Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day) by making spam musubi, and cooked up 4 items at the Soy & Tofu Festival earlier this year. Our participation in the street fair this year was to raise funds for our organization. We like to thank all our supporters that include the Nihonmachi Street Fair committee, North American Food for donating their products, all our volunteers and coordinators, and of course, you, the customers! We all had a great time participating in the street fair and we hope you enjoyed it as well. Be sure to visit us again next time!