We’ve heard your requests and have decided to form our first sports team! Nakayoshi will be forming a team for the upcoming World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) Golden Gate division summer league which starts in June. Games are played once a week (total of 7 regular season games) to be played at LIttle Rec Soccer Fields in Golden Gate Park. A single elimination playoff tournament for will follow the regular season. Winner of the league may be eligible for the World Kickball Championships in Las Vegas!

Fee: $75/player (paid thru WAKA site)
Dates: Thursdays, June 7 – July 26
Times: 6:45pm – 8:45pm?
Location: LIttle Rec Soccer Fields, Golden Gate Park (just north of Kezar Stadium)

While we will do our best to form a Nakayoshi team, it depends on the number of people we can get to sign up. We will need at least 15 players to form our own team. If that doesn’t work out, the system will automatically shift around players to even out the other teams in the league. Don’t you fret, as long as you join our “group” we will still be on the same team, whether with other friendly participants or not.

These are co-ed teams and no prior experience is necessary. While the invite is going out to all those in Nakayoshi, our team will be open to friends, family, and everyone else. You will NOT be required to attend every game, but the team would need a minimum number of players in order to participate that week.

Register here http://www.kickball.com/season/cagoldengatesummer2012

Registration FAQ

Kickball game rules

During the registration process, you will be asked to join a team. Join “Team Nakayoshi” to ensure we all play on the same team. This is our first attempt to form a kickball team, so email us with any questions you may have. Let’s play kickball!

Email us with any questions: nakayoshi.ncwnp@gmail.com