In May, a group of great Nakayoshi volunteers helped to prep and facilitate the VIP Reception for the Nichi Bei Foundation’s Soy and Tofu Festival. The event was well attended and enjoyed, with Nakayoshi volunteers receiving a huge thank-you for making tons of delicious food and keeping the entire event running smoothly.

The food prep crew met up at Graig’s house to make some delicious tofu items.
Thanks Kimi, Natsumi, Lauren, Corey, Corie and Haruka!

Everything from set-up to tear-down went extremely smoothly thanks to the hard working volunteers. Things were so smooth that volunteers were also able to enjoy the event’s food, entertainment, and company as well.
Thanks Howard, Eiko, Justin and Fiona!

The VIP Reception was a fun afternoon, but it doesn’t end there!

Come out on June 2nd to the actual Soy and Tofu Festival at the Japantown Peace Plaza.
We’ll be cooking more great food to put on our own food booth at the festival (sign up here:, so come to help out, hang out, and enjoy! See you all there 🙂