On June 2nd, Nakayoshi members headed their very own food booth at the Northern California Soy and Tofu Festival. We were the only food booth with ALL proceeds going back to the Nichi Bei Foundation, which puts on the Tofu Fest to help fund their non-profit newspaper publication.

Nakayoshi members have become gooood chefs.
Look at all this great tofu food they made!

(Image credit to Michael Jeong)

Members helped to raise about $950 in just one day!!
A HUGE thank you to Sam, Atsushi, Eiko, Dan, Katie, Al, Erika, Mino, Haruka, Lauren, Ramon, Jon, Howard, Justin, Ms.Tanaka and everyone who helped 😀
The Tofufest Committee and Nichi Bei Foundation really appreciated all the hard work that went into the booth!

(image credit to Sam)

Thanks for coming out, and look forward to the Soy and Tofu Festival next year!

Extra: See Core member Graig Inaba explain and advertise the Nakayoshi Food Booth for Nichi Bei cameras!

Nakayoshi Cafe @ Tofu fest