Nakayoshi (meaning circle of friendship in Japanese) is a group for young professionals. It’s for recent college grads who miss the spirit of activism and sense of camaraderie they enjoyed back on campus in their student orgs. It’s for burnt out 9-to-5ers who want to balance their daily grind with something that feels meaningful and uplifting. It’s for veteran club-goers and bar-hoppers who wonder how they can add some variety to their weekends. And most of all, it’s for anyone seeking the chance to be more involved in the Japanese American and larger APA community.


* brings people together to address social justice
issues through volunteerism and grassroots
* gives people the opportunity to apply their skills to
real world challenges, and to also learn new skills
* furnishes people with a network through which they
can receive career support, publicize relevant causes,
and meet new friends
* grants people the means to enact change in a society
that needs their help

In its vision and its goals, Nakayoshi draws inspiration from the legacy of its sponsor, the Japanese American Citizens League (the nation’s oldest APA educational and civil rights organization). While maintaining the JACL’s commitment to APA empowerment, Nakayoshi blazes its own trail, moving forward with fresh ideas, innovative techniques, and a wide range of faces.

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