unlike most californians who ride away from the sun to get to the Great Salt Lake, my experience is different. yes, i am a member of nakayoshi, but more in spirit than in the physical sense. as a, now, local dc resident, the 5-hour plane ride left me feeling disoriented and yet excited in knowing of the potential friends that can be made and the creation of memories that last us a lifetime.

many of us come out of obligation and as a responsibility of being involved in a civil rights organization. it’s a way of giving back to a community that our parents, and grandparents were a part of. however, there are many of us who choose to embrace the coming of a new dawn with arms outstreched and heavy breaths. we await to see the revolution of a once, great power in the asian american community.

looking forward to the next jam-packed couple of days, i personally, am excited at the prospect of youth and young professional empowerment. no longer are we the immature, inexperienced, do-nothing generation y, but we are the coming of a new era. and that is something to get your heart fluttering.

before signing off, i want to give a big shout-out to my boy alec MAC-D — once of the chi and now a distant family member of the bay.

brandon mita is the current jacl edc youth chair and a candidate for jacl national youth representative. he is currently attending howard university school of law in washington, dc. he hopes to relocate out to the bay very soon.

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