Full Name: Alec Yoshio MacDonald

Age: 31 years old
Profession: Writer/Editor
Favorite Pro Sports Team: Chicago White Sox

I’ve written lots of profiles of Japanese Americans, but never of myself, and it feels a little weird. So let’s keep this brief.

I joined Chicago JACL five or six years ago, editing the chapter newsletter, serving on the board, and (as in the accompanying photos) helping organize youth programming. I also volunteered a little with the Japanese American Service Committee and put together an online multimedia exhibition on Chicago JA sports leagues for the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society.

I used to contribute to the Chicago Shimpo, and am currently a staff writer for the Nichi Bei Times in San Francisco, a newspaper which you should subscribe to. Like, now. Stop reading and go subscribe. You can do it online.

Okay, now that that’s taken care of… I figure it might also be relevant to mention that I recently curated an exhibit that’s on display through the end of this week at the National Japanese American Historical Society; it’s about my former campus group, Hapa Issues Forum, which I belonged to as a student at UC Berkeley.

In my spare time, I play Asian league basketball, go on hikes with my girlfriend, and contemplate how to be less curmudgeonly.

Done and done.

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