On September 4th, some of the Nakayoshi members found themselves at the Asian Art Museum for their MATCHA event series. The night’s theme: Tea & Spice.

If you haven’t visited the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, definitely add it to your list of “to do’s”.

It’s one amazingly beautiful venue, with cascading stairways, stone pillars, and fascinating artifacts.
Intrigued by the idea of sampling teas all night long, we all had a lot of fun going through the various stations the museum had set up. One room contained an erected Tea Temple filled with pillow pads and lacquered tables, with trays of various types of oolong teas.

Stations out in the veranda were stocked with different teas, colored pots and servers who were full of information as to how to brew and strain their particular teas or how they were grown and harvested.

It was definitely fun to taste all of the tea flavors and spices. And what was probably the most entertaining and interactive was the opportunity to create your own tea spice mixture.

With two table stations stocked with various spices ranging from nutmeg, black tea, and cloves to cardamon and cinnamon, you would pour however much you wanted of whatever spice into your own saucer, then take a turn at the bowl and pestle to grind your spices into a fine tea powder.

The end product: leaving with your own soothing bag of tea. Mine is making my cubicle at work smell absolutely wonderful!

So check out the events that are taking place @ the AA Museum, next month’s theme is Japanese Tattoos!

You can also take a look at their photos, you may see some familiar faces!

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