Name: Graig Hitoshi Inaba

Age: 27
Profession: Pharmacy Technician
Favorite Karaoke Song: Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”
Growing up in Sacramento California, I was the neighborhood kid on the corner. I have so many good memories and experiences as I have evolved from the energetic little boy sitting on the curb eating his onigiri to the enthusiastic young professional of now.
I grew up with many different organizations and activities under the watchful eyes and under the strong wings of the generations before. I owe my life’s happiness to the kind-hearted people around me from both past and present. It’s only fitting that Nakayoshi factors in my progression.
Through Nakayoshi, we can build upon the foundation that JACL has set, while at the same time, showing the gratitude and respect for the culture of our Japanese heritage. On a more personal note, Nakayoshi radiates with that “home town” feeling when the members are together. Though I am beginning the prime years of my life, I still get that feeling of innocent fun that I used to have as a little boy. That joy and happiness is not there because of any specific effort. It finds you when you appreciate the time with your friends, family and community.

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