I came across a link to the JACL blog on the National JACL website a while ago, but no posts had been made at the time. Lo and behold, today my RSS reader showed there were two posts made today on the JACL blog! Looks like they’re off to a good start:

This is the new JACL Blog, dedicated to young professionals in search of that online water cooler where they can talk about things that matter to the APA community .

Like some posts on the Nakayoshi blog, it looks like they’ll be providing commentary on issues affecting the community, although with a larger national scope. Contributors to the blog include the current JACL program Fellows around the country, as well as our friends PSW Regional Director Craig Ishii and National Youth Representative Brandon Mita (a past guest contributor to the Nakayoshi blog!), and JACL National Executive Director Floyd Mori.

You can check out the JACL Blog at: http://jaclblog.wordpress.com/

By the way, what other APIA issues/community-based blogs are you guys reading? Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

The Fighting 44s
Angry Asian Man
Asians in America Magazine
HYPHEN Magazine blog

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