The day has finally arrived. Today is the day where your voice, your vote, will be counted to decide who will lead our country over the next 4 years, and so much more. Having witnessed one of the most exciting and captivating political races this country has ever seen, for the past two years since the Presidential campaigns have kicked off, this country has definitely awakened to the challenge to vote and be heard.
With record breaking numbers already seen in early voting, numbers are estimated to be even higher at today’s polls. Even more exciting, we’ve been seeing a lot of press on how segments of the APIA community will have a noticable effect on election results around the nation. With this election, we may see the Asian American vote become recognized as a substantial voting bloc that the major parties and politicians will absolutely need to engage effectively in future elections. In addition, with his family ties, there have been some musings around the blogosphere and press on how Obama may indirectly become the first Asian American President. This has got to be the most exciting and important election to be an Asian American voter to date.
Even with all the hubbub surrounding the race for the White House, there are even more reasons why your voice needs to be heard today. Among the many propositions on the ballot today, the basic civil right of our LGBT friends and family members to marry is being threatened in our state. Today may very well be a day that sees the culmination of progress in civil rights bridging multiple communities.
There are so many reasons to get out there to vote today. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a participant in what will undoubtedly be a watershed moment for this nation.

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