Our friends (and some current/future Nakayoshi members!) at the UC Berkeley Nikkei Student Union are putting on (r)evolutions, their 6th annual Japanese American culture show at the UC Berkeley campus on the evening of December 7th at 7pm. This year’s show will feature UC Berkeley students in two short plays, issues monologues, as well as performances by Cal Taiko, and hip hop dance and Soran Bushi ( modernized Japanese cultural dance) sequences performed by Berkeley NSU members. Contact Berkeley NSU President Katie Furukawa at ktkalifornia[at]gmail[dot]com or Co-Chairs Brian Jocson and Ryan Sadakane at nsucultureshow[at]gmail[dot]com for tickets ($7-10 sliding scale).

Having seen many culture shows put on by collegiate Nikkei organizations in previous years and having helped put a few together myself back in the day, I look forward every year to watching other young members of the community display their talents as well as convey their unique messages and perspectives on issues of community, culture and identity. I’ve been impressed the past couple years with the substance the creative minds in Berkeley NSU have been injecting into their culture shows. I expect no less from this year’s performance. I really encourage everyone to come out and support all the hard work and dedication of these students as they put on arguably their biggest event of the year!

If you can’t make it to this year’s show, Berkeley NSU will also be offering a shortened performance of their show for the community this Sunday at the JCCCNC at 5pm, right after Nakayoshi’s monthly meeting down the street!

Read Berkeley NSU’s press release below for more event info:

( r ) e v o l u t i o n s


On Sunday, December 7th, 2008, UC Berkeley’s Nikkei Student Union (NSU) will be hosting its Sixth Annual Japanese American Culture Show: (r)evolutions!

NSU was founded six years ago as a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness ofJapanese American issues, as well as uniting students of Japanese ancestry and those interested in Japanese American culture. This year’s theme, “(r)evolutions” reflects the evolution of NSU and the greater Japanese American community from its humble beginnings and into the future. In addition, it reflects on the potential of Japanese American youth to revolutionize and revitalize the community.

Since its inception, NSU has experienced tremendous growth and is currently composed of students from a variety of backgrounds, each embracing their individual identities, perspectives and histories as members of the Japanese American community. Through its focus on community service, leadership and Japanese American issues, NSU has empowered many Japanese American youth to become involved in their communities and revitalize them. This year’s Culture Show serves to continue empowering Japanese American students through performance and strengthen the presence of our club within the UC Berkeley student community and the Japanese American community.

This year’s show features two student‐written short plays inspired by pertinent issues facing our community today. “Home,” written and directed by Lisa Yasutake, addresses the delicate balance Japanese Americans must face when addressing their Japanese and American identities. “Time Machi,” written by Ryan Sadakane and directed by Erin Ochi and David Oda, reflects upon the future of Japantown and the possible consequences the community may face should it be lost forever.

In realizing the theme, “Manifesto” will feature a set of monologues written and performed by members of NSU discussing their perspectives and manifestos reflecting the evolution of the Japanese American community and revolutionary potential as Japanese American youth. Furthermore, “(r)evolutions will feature UC Berkeley’s own taiko group Cal Taiko, a hip‐hop performance by NSU’s JCrew, and Soran Bushi, a modernized Japanese cultural dance.

Through the support of the community and fellow students, “(r)evolutions” is aiming a for a full house upon its debut on Sunday, December 7th, 2008. Doors will open at 6:30PM and general admission will have a sliding scale of $7 to $10.

For further information, questions and comments, please contact NSU’s Culture Show chairs, Brian Jocson and Ryan Sadakane, at nsucultureshow@gmail.com.

We look forward to putting on a great show this year, and we hope to see you there!

Brian Jocson and Ryan Sadakane
NSU Culture Show Chairs 2008‐2009

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