Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that today, you are all surrounded by loved ones and friends on this warm fall holiday. Looking back on on this past year, Nakayoshi has a lot to be thankful for and on this day, we recognize and are extremely grateful to those who have made this long road possible.

Over the past 10 months or so, Nakayoshi has been driven by it’s mission to create a space for young professionals within the Japanese American community, inclusive to all those who aim to enrich both their life experiences and the greater API community through philanthropy or social activities. And with an amazing core group of individuals who have come together on a monthly basis, Nakayoshi has been able to put on some amazing volunteer and social opportunities.

And with the continual support from the JACL, the NCWNP District, and other community organizations around the Bay Area, we hope that Nakayoshi will continue to strive and be able to provide you with the latest and greatest opportunities to reconnect with community and give back.

We are truly thankful for all the support that we have received from our members over this past year and we hope that the experiences you’ve had have been memorable. It is only through your active involvement that Nakayoshi has had such a successful run of events and we hope that you will continue to grow with us over the coming years.

So on this beautiful day, take time to reflect on what you are thankful for. Be thankful for community. Be thankful for change. Be thankful.

Happy Holidays.

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