How would you like to raise money for Nakayoshi and strengthen the communication network of the JA community at the same time?

The Nichi Bei Times is currently offering community organizations (this means us!) the opportunity to earn a little scratch with a new subscriber promotion.

It’s pretty simple. Ask your folks, your aunties and uncles, your obaa-chan, the people at your church, in your taiko group, on your basketball team, at your JACL chapter, etc., to sign up for the paper. When they designate Nakayoshi as their donor organization on the subscription form (included below), we get 10 percent of their subscription cost.

Not sure who to hit up first? Start with yourself. For just 50 bucks a year, you can stay connected with what’s happening in Japanese America and beyond. Come on–you might have spent 50 bucks last weekend on food and drink alone. Plus you’re supporting a good cause; besides the money that goes to Nakayoshi, you’ll also be helping to ensure that a deep-rooted Nikkei tradition continues to flourish into the future despite challenges ahead. I won’t belabor the point, but I encourage you to check out my recent piece about the situation in the Nichi Bei Times.

If you have trouble downloading/printing the form, hit me up in the comments and I’ll figure something out for you. Otherwise, get cracking! The promotion ends on March 19.

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