Happy 2009! It’s that time of year to make resolutions for the new year, and you’re not the only one who’s been making a list of goals to accomplish!

Already up and running for 2009, Nakayoshi has been going full speed ahead, ringing in the new year with old traditions and chillin’ out with old and new friends out on the ice…

On January 3rd, Nakayoshi held its first volunteer event with API Legal Outreach, JCYC and the SF JACL Chapter at the Oshogatsu Festival at the JCCCNC in SF Japantown. With a great turnout, Nakayoshi was challenged to put their arts and craft skills to good use as we taught festival participants how to make recycled gift bags out of old calendars! While we weren’t making bags, there were tons of other activities to take in at the event: pounding fresh mochi, eating traditional new year’s o-zoni soup, and enjoying entertaining kendo demonstrations and musical performances! Overall, the Oshogatsu Festival was a successful volunteer event for Nakayoshi, celebrating the Japanese tradition of bringing in the new year! (more pictures can be found on our Picasa online photo gallery)

This past Saturday, January 17th, we hit the ice at the Yerba Buena Ice Skating Rink to chill out and have some fun for our monthly Social Event. Everyone had a blast as some of us glided gracefully upon the ice, while others grasped desperately to the walls, inching by across the rink, yet never giving up. With a few minor injuries, aching ankles and possibly a couple of bruised bottoms, the night ended with a warm meal at Mel’s Diner. (more pictures can be found on our Picasa online photo gallery)

With 2 events under our belt, Nakayoshi’s New Year’s resolution to continue to bring you both social and volunteer opportunities every month has started off to a good start! And as we continue our commitment to both community and philanthopy, we hope that you’ll find that our resolutions and goals in 2009 overlap with your own.
As Nakayoshi looks forward to a new year, we hope to see you soon at one of our events in 2009!

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