A family friend- Carole’s son, and only child, is battling Leukemia. His only option for survival is a bone marrow transplant. I am sending this to everyone I know just in case, by some miracle, it reaches someone that might be able to help in some way. Please send this to everyone you know.

In Caroles own words…..

“My son, Nick Glasgow, needs a bone marrow transplant. Nick was a healthy 27 year old when he came down with what was at first believed to be strep throat about nine to ten weeks ago. Eight weeks ago, he was informed that he has Leukemia and was admitted to the hospital immediately for chemotherapy. Nick has endured two rounds of chemotherapy, and received blood, platelets, saline, and antibiotic infusions. These have all failed to put Nick into remission. Nick’s white cell blood count is too low for another round of chemo, and was sent home as antibiotics had been stopped and his immune system is compromised. He is now back in emergency at the hospital due to a high fever.

What is needed to save Nick’s life is a bone marrow donor who is a match. The doctors have advised that they think it is highly unlikely that they can find a match for Nick as a match would need to be 3/4 Caucasian and 1/4 Asian. The doctor indicated that there was probably a 0% chance of finding a donor from the donor list , although they are still currently looking for a match for Nick and this is due to the fact that there are not enough 3/4 Caucasian and 1/4 Asians registered to choose from. Time is of the essence in finding a donor for Nick. Right now his white blood cell count is up to 1,500 (3,500 is low normal) of which the cancerous portion is climbing and has doubled in just a few days. Nick needs a donor match NOW.

What I am asking of you is this, if you fit the criteria of ANY MIX of Caucasian and Asian, please go to http://www.aadp.org/ and start the process of being tested to see if you are a match for Nick. Testing involves a simple swab to the inside of your cheek. If you know someone who fits the criteria, please urge them to be tested. Nick’s life is dependant on finding a match today. Please, please, please take the short amount of time to see if you are the one who can be a miracle to our family. If you do fit the criteria and will be testing immediately, please let Jennifer Blackadder know at jsmalls721@gmail.com. She is keeping a list in case it will be possible to have Stanford look at those potential people first.

I don’t want to lose my only child. You may be the only one out there with that marrow match. Please help him if you can.

Thanks for anything you can do to help….we are so humbled at the kindness of all and grateful for all involved!


Nick’s facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=187327345176
Examiner article: http://www.examiner.com/x-10735-SF-Internet-Examiner~y2009m5d19-Nick-Glasgow-Online-campaign-to-save-a-life

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