The SF planning commission will hear the japantown better neighborhood plan this thursday at City Hall room 400 at 2:30pm, and YOU should be there to speak out against it. some of the reasons the current better neighborhood plan is no good:

  • buildings will rise and jtown will be overshadowed
  • rent will increase by over 100% and drive out the small businesses that make jtown unique
  • japan center and garage will be closed for at least 2 years and there will be nothing to draw people to jtown
  • plan has not been thoroughly discussed in our community (there have been a number of meetings but not enough community representation! this is our bad- and it’s time to take action!)

read the full plan:

we are simply calling for more time to create a plan that will ensure the preservation of our cultural and historical buildings/businesses and the future of our japantown!

The planning commission hearing is:
Thursday, May 28
CITY HALL room 400
We are 2nd on the agenda

If you can not attend the hearing, please contact the planning commission and ask them to not endorse the plan as is.
Ron Miguel, Commission President
(415) 601-0708

For more information email

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