The University of Maryland is doing a study of Japanese American’s called A Portrait of Japanese Americans.

The study includes doing focus groups with representative members of the JACL (Nakayoshi is a program of the JACL). These focus groups will be held in various regions of the country.

The UM is in search of willing participants. A description of the focus groups is below along with the time frame needed.

1. Consent forms will be provided to all participants.

2. Each focus group should be from 6 to 8 people. 8 is preferred. These focus groups will last a maximum of 2 hours. Day or evening is okay.

3. In-depth interviews will be held with 3 people. These could be some of the same people in the focus group or different. This interviews will last for about one hour. It is a matter of getting somebody who is willing to do an in-depth interview. Diversity is desired here too.

4. The goal is to have “diversity” in these groups. Nisei, Shin-Nisei, Sansei, Yonsei, Gosei, both genders, bi-cultural (Hapa), gay, etc. are the kind of diversity we would like to have. At least one Nisei is essential. Also, different social backgrounds such as education,occupation, social status, relegion, etc. would be good. This is for both the focus groups and the in-depth interviews.

5. There will be audio records that the U. of Maryland staff will analyse and use for the report.

Three to four UM staff will do each focus group.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please email us at and we will submit your names for participation.

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